BarCamp Provinces

BarCamp Phnom Penh History

BarCamp Phnom Penh was first organized in 2008 by a team of like-minded people led by Mr. Bun Tharum and Mr. Hor Virak, two Phnom Penh “geeks” (a word used to describe people who are fascinated with and love using

Top 10 Digital Marketing Experts I Follow on Twitter

I usually search google of interesting new people to follow on twitter, especially in digital marketing and startup. I want to learn from them and their favorite share tweet. Here are my top favorite digital marketing experts that I follow on

10 Inspirational Quotes For Startup

I love great quote and it’s inspire me. Today I would love to share my favorite quote of 10 inspirational quotes for startup. I hope that these will give you a good food for thought: “The way to get started

101 Reasons Being an Entrepreneur Is Awesome

Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of great perks and rewards — from being your own boss and making the rules, to having a more flexibility and the ability to work anywhere you want. Look around on the internet I found

Top 60 Business Blog To Follow in 2016

There thousand business blog in the world you can read and follow, but too much to read and remember. I had read some blogger’s website and found out the world’s best business bloggers sharing and growing business. Below are the

Top Best Crazy Speakers

Check out this video – Sometimes you gotta take it to the next level in the audio department, the best crazy speakers including coolest floating speaker… Amazing!

Top 5 Best Book to Read in 2016

Last week my friend in Thailand tell me there a 40% discount for the books buy from Kinokuniya online bookstore. Then I had choose the top 5 best book to read in 2016 and hope to get the book from

Get 2GB Free for Your Google Drive Storage

You’re now can get 2GB of free Google drive storage to make more space for your documents. Let’s do it today. All you have to do is login to your Google account and run through a very brief security update,